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Unimed Biotech(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Unimed focuses on the field of reproduction and genetics, deep plowing in the industry for 8 years, has become the leader in Asia in Reproduction-Preconception-PGD/PGS-Pregnancy-Newborn overall solutions. Unimed has three centers with nearly 2000 square meters in Zhangjiang, Caohejing, and North Bund of Shanghai, and the world's top elite scientific research, engineering, and operation team, constantly innovating and advancing genetic testing equipment, chips, sequencing, and informatics. Based on the UniCyteTM rare cell capture platform, Unimed has solved the most difficult century puzzle, which is successfully commercializing fetal free cells capture from maternal peripheral blood for testing. Cb-NIPT non-invasive prenatal testing is leading a brand new era wave in NIPT. Through the more precise and perfect technologies and platforms, numerous star products have been built that can be used in the research of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and clinical fields, they are opening a new era from fragment DNA partial genome detection to single cell whole genome detection!

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